Shirley Ann Williams

            I wish to thank you very much for what I hope I can adequately communicate about what I have experienced from the five ATP Inductor therapy sessions that I have received so far over these last three weeks.

            With the first ATP Induction session, I noticed immediate relief from the chronic knee pain that I had been having. It did not completely go away since I still felt some discomfort when a certain amount of torque was applied to it.  And, as you can remember from my first visit, I was hardly able to get from my car to your office, which has become increasingly easier with each visit.

            I remember when I first came to your office, after sitting down to fill out the client information sheet, I very painfully and slowly arose making my way to the therapy room hardly able to get onto the table with a step stool and your help. So, there is definitely less pain and I have been maneuvering to the table by myself now.

            Before coming for the ATP Induction sessions, I was hardly able to dress myself, and to make it to the bathroom on time had been almost impossible over this past year and for several years previous. In addition to the stiffness and pain, I was losing the ability to control the movement of my legs as well. A few years ago I had been dropping into a lotus position from a standing position and then found myself unable to sit on the floor at all.

            So, after the first ATP Induction therapy session, I noticed the immediate relief from my knee pain and my lower back discomfort is also much better. In the last three weeks I have been catching up on all the things that have gone undone over this last year.

Before, I could only do activity for a short amount of time before I would start experiencing spasms and then seize up and not be able to move. The pain was like a toothache from the waist down. I have had numbness in my extremities for years so, that is not completely gone, but it is better.  My body also feels less like a human pincushion or being stabbed with an invisible ice pick. Yes, this is better as well. Each day as the pain lessens, the fatigue along with the mental confusion and depression is so much better too.

 The most interesting point what I would like to make is that I now experience my life force starting to return again. I would not have been able to write this three weeks ago. The fact is I have never been able to write anything before. I barely made it through school. I never wrote a report of any kind and never wrote a letter to anyone. I would not send a card to anyone because I could not put a personal note together and my spelling was so bad never mind the embarrassment! It was sheer frustration of the worse kind but now, I find that I am able to write this to you!

During my first three weeks of your ATP Induction therapy sessions and after the 4th session, I noticed a set back of not any one particular symptom, but all the symptoms which I have written in the letter to you and the lack of that ‘energy thing’ was noticeable to the point that I do not want to go back to that state I was in ever again. I call it ‘THE DEAD ZONE’. But, then when I received my 5th ATP Induction session, it appears that I’m back on tract again. I know I would not have been able to write this letter to you before now! Where this is going and whether it is permanent who knows at this moment.

In general from your light therapy sessions, I have experienced a more over all body healing that I cannot say that I expected nor counted on! I have a firm belief in GOD, miracles, and divine guidance as I have experience them all at different times in my life and I think that I was divinely guided to you Veronica and Sky. There is no doubt in my mind and I feel very grateful.