Maryanne Raphael

When my friend told me how much the cellular energizing therapy sessions with your light instruments had helped her heal from a serious illness, I agreed I would like to try them. I wasn’t suffering from any special problem but being 70 years old I felt I could use all the help I could get to stay healthy. Lying quietly with the special lights and soothing music I found myself relaxing and releasing stress. Although I had been having insomnia for over a year, I was able to sleep that night without a sleeping pill, just lying and remembering how safe and comfortable I had felt during the sessions.

That was almost a month ago and I have not taken a sleeping pill since then and sleeping calmly has improved my general health. I have come for a few sessions. My right eye has been swollen since a tumor was wrapped around the optic nerve but the swelling has gone down. I had a mole over the place where the tumor was removed and it too was swollen and painful. All the swelling is now gone as is the pain.

When I went to see my chiropractor he was astonished to see that my body was in much better shape than when he treated me six months ago. He said,  “I’d swear you were ten or twenty years younger than when I treated you last.  You were so fragile. Now you have much more strength and your body is more relaxed.”

Thank you Veronica. The light therapy sessions are so healing and it always helps me to get my sleep, which adds to my good health.