Eve was diagnosed with Systemic Lupus in 1983. By 1984 she was considered legally blind. Has pain in lungs and kidneys, peripheral neuropathy, has had insomnia for years, and says she feels angry all the time.

“After the first 45-minute session with the Lumina Nocturna I felt wonderful! I fell asleep and felt like I had a dream. I actually feel transformed. When I woke up, I just felt so gentle and not angry. I can see a little bit better too. I feel much more relaxed. I was exhausted when I came in and now I feel rejuvenated, like I can deal with life. I feel warmth too and I am usually always cold.”

After ½ hour session

“I feel wonderful, like a new person. I am really relaxed and calm and the pain under my breast is gone. That is great!”