Dorothy Engel, Colonic Therapist

I first met Veronica MacKay in 2004. She was highly recommended to me for Lymphatic Therapy. I had never had a lymphatic therapy session before, and was excited to have one being a breast cancer survivor and having been interested in and practiced some alternative health methods for 20 plus years. After my breast cancer in 1999 I became even more interested in everything that could improve my heath. I became very interested in how the body works and how there are many simple things we can do to improve our health. I Studied Hydro-Colonic Therapy and became a Colonic Therapist. I opened an office in Del Mar where I was fortunate to meet Veronica.

When I went to see Veronica she used a light instrument on me called the ATP Inductor during the Lymphatic Drainage session. After this first therapy session, I felt extra energy and some of the aches and pains I had were not as painful. Right away I knew that I wanted to have one of these instruments for myself, so I purchased one and began using it several times a week on myself.

After awhile, I noticed that I was feeling stronger and more of the pains and aches I had were going away. I used it on my ribs to help with the pain that was left over from the radiation treatment I had in 1999. I use it to help my lymph system to drain excess fluid that I was retaining and although Veronica told me that this particular instrument is not the one that was designed specifically for lymphatic drainage, I got great results and noticed the puffiness becoming less.

Later, I moved to Sacramento and started up another colonic business. I started using the ATP Inductor during the colonic irrigation sessions and noticed that somehow it affected the colon and the colonic results were greater and results were sooner. I would place the ATP Inductor on different parts of the body where the lymph system was located. I noticed that I could see some of the whitish milky lymph passing out of the body with the bile. During a colonic there is bile released from the liver and with the use of the ATP Inductor, the bile flow is even greater.

I have a damaged fingernail at the base of the cuticle, which I am very self-conscious of. I tried everything that I could think of without getting any results. A few months ago I thought maybe the ATP Inductor could help repair the cell damage in the nail base because this is what the doctor told me was wrong. He also told me that it was something I would have to live with, as there was no cure for this. But, since I have used the ATP Inductor on the cuticle, the nail has improved and I can’t wait to see it grow again. I only wish I had used it earlier.

I have also used the ATP Inductor on my stiff neck pains, headaches, foot pain and you name it, when I have pain I use the ATP Inductor. It was an investment that has well paid for itself.

I am so blessed to know Veronica and Sky. They love helping people and sharing their knowledge with others. They have introduced to me a natural way to help me improve my health. I will always be thankful to them.