Diana M from Del Mar, CA

Within the first couple of minutes of lying with the Lumina Nocturna I dropped down into a very deep relaxed place and I noticed that my breathing really slowed down. I felt like it completely relaxed me deeper than I normally get when I am relaxed including even when I am meditating or anything else that I do that is about relaxing.

I normally don’t drink coffee but today I had drank a cup of de-caffeinated coffee which really wired me up because I am not used to it, so I still felt wired when I got to your office. And then that is just completely gone now. I even dozed in and out during the session.

I am shocked as to how deeply it relaxed me I wasn’t expecting that.

Normally I don’t really lie still very effectively. I usually have some kind of leg twitching or some other restlessness, but today while being on the Lumina Nocturna, I felt none of that.

After about ten minutes there was a muscle in my lower back that released from a spasm. I didn’t even know the spasm was there to start with. It shocked me when it released. I was surprised. My body is not the type to release without some type of manipulation.