Anyone who is interested in understanding more about how they can improve their general health, help prevent degenerative diseases, or who is interested in losing weight, getting deep regenerative sleep, detoxifying, speeding the healing of tissue injury or burns, lessening pain or depression, decreasing lymphatic congestion, cellulite, lymphedema, or wanting safe enjoyable & relaxing cosmetic improvement without surgery etc. is encouraged to join our meetup group at

1) The Lymphatic System – What it is? How it works? Why is it important? What is its relationship to weight issues, toxicity, edema, endocrine balancing etc.? And, how to improve ones lymphatic health.

2) Sleep – The importance and numerous health benefits of obtaining deep regenerative sleep naturally. The importance of (REM) sleep. Obtaining true pineal gland health. What is the P-53 gene and how is it upregulated?

3) The Endocrine System – What it is? What is its relationship to sleep, healing, tissue regeneration, dreams and weight loss.

4) Pain, Injury, Inflammation, Tissue Healing – How to bring down pain and inflammation without harmful tissue destructive side effects and speed tissue healing.

5) Immunity – The importance of a strong immune system and how to increase ones immunity simply and easefully.

6) Cosmetic Improvement – How scar tissue can be minimized after cosmetic and general surgery, injury, medical procedures, burns etc. How do puffy jowls, breasts, underarms, stomachs and thighs etc. develop and what one can do about it.