Sky-David, M.P.T., C.L.T., began his healing career as a physical therapist and molecular biologist. He graduated from U.S.C. in 1977 and interned at Pennsylvania Hospital where Dr. Gilbert Ling, Ph.D. was his mentor. Dr. Gilbert Ling, Ph.D. was the catalyst that led to Sky-David’s life long quest for the understanding and practical use of light on human cellular systems.

Sky has taught life sciences at Harvard, San Francisco State University, and other colleges for over 25 years. In 1989, he trained with Professor Hildegard Wittlinger, in the Dr. Vodder method of Manual Lymphatic Drainage. He has since taught life sciences and lymphatic therapy throughout the United States and Canada. Sky maintains a research, development, and training facility in Carlsbad, CA

Veronica MacKay, M.S., H.H.P., is a lymphatic therapist in Carlsbad, CA. She began her training in preventative health care in 1978. She has a B.A. in Clinical Psychology / Holistic Health from San Francisco State University, and an M.S. in Holistic Nutrition from The American Holistic College of Nutrition. Veronica is certified in Lymphatic Therapy as well as other body therapy modalities. She has studied at the International School of Massage Therapy, the Rosenberg Rand Institute of Body Psychotherapy, The Natural Healing Institute of Naturopathy, the Institute of Quantum Biofeedback Naturopathic Medicine, and the Academy of Bio-Energetic and Integrative Medicine. Veronica is a member of D.A.M.S. (Dental Amalgam Mercury Syndrome), a non-profit group dedicated to disseminating information regarding the health damaging effects of mercury dental amalgams.