The premise that “Light Is Prior To Chemical” is verified by the observable physiological transformations that have changed the lives of persons who have undergone this therapeutic mode. THE HEMO-SONIC LYMPH AND TISSUE LIGHT evolved to epitomize an instrument that catalyzes “Tissue State Transformation”. The state of the circulatory system and its complement, the lymph/immune system are addressed synchronously. The light emissions are translated into the sonic range of frequency so that the head transmits its energy and information in the same way that dolphins communicate under water. The fluid mass of the body is identical to the water mass of the ocean. The fluid mass of the body is 70% of our body weight. A further meaning of the “Initiation” of 1995 became clear: The lake is the fluid mass of the body and the spherical pervasion of light (Pineal Gland) from above is what gives meaning (structure) to the water.

Blood that shows a state where fungal and prion protein forms are dominant is de-evolving into a primal anaerobic condition. The physiology is sliding downward on the scale of “EVOLUTIONARY GENETICS”. The long-term processes of evolution are geared to support adaptation of the entire species by participation of the individuals in that long-term transformation. The HEMO-SONIC LYPMPH AND TISSUE LIGHT acts as a catalyst that assists the individual physiology at the base or most fundamental level of the detoxification of the fluid mass of the body. The therapeutic effects establish normal fluid equilibrium in synchronous with the re-polarization of blood platelets that perform the function of oxygen transport by maintaining the aerobic state of energy production at cell level and below cell level. It also establishes optimal immune functions by maintaining genetic purity with the destruction of antigens that invade the body. Toxic chemicals and heavy metal contamination is removed from the tissues and thus eliminates auto-inflammatory triggers. Once this has occurred then the higher functions of the endocrine system can be addressed to bring the tissue state transformation to a much deeper level.

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